Hub Packs

The CAS York RC has put together a collection of a set of Hub Packs to help organisers of CAS Hubs.  On this page you will find the following sections:

What are Hub Packs?

Each pack contains a set of related activities on a particular topic that could be used as sessions in a CAS Hub meeting.  These activities have been collected from all over the web, including the CAS archive, quality checked and tagged with useful information about what each resource contains.

Each activity in the Hub packs has the following information:

  • Links: This gives you one or more links about where to find the activity resources
  • Type: This tells you whether the activity is Plugged (needing computing technology) or Unplugged (no need for computing technology)
  • Materials Provided: This will tell you if the activity gives you Resources, Slidepacks, Guidelines or Lesson Plans
  • Materials Needed: This tells you what materials you will need to run the activity at your Hub

At the end of each pack you will also find a list of additional resources where you can go for more help on the topic of the Hub.

What Hub Packs are available?

We have divided up the curriculum by key stage and by topic.  This allows you to get resources that are immediately relevant to the type of Hub you want to run.

Primary Hub Packs

Secondary Hub Packs

Additional Material